10 min

Example1:"Digitalization in education" workshop
Professional Level (teachers and administration) 2 h- workshop
Systems-Engineering department
  • Before the workshop learners familiarize with some e-learning designs materials for 30 min -1 h

  • Among them, short videos, links, articles and open source tools. Additional reading: scientific articles. 

  • The session started from quiz and discussion about the topic. During the session you will learn more about existing learning designs and try to develop first elements of your future blended or online course.

Example 2:"E-learning as a tool for collaboration between university and business" workshop
Professional Level (teachers and administration) 4 h- workshop
Vladimir State University
Example 3:"Systematic creativity and TRIZ "course
Master Level. 78 h- intensive 1 week course 
Systems-Engineering department
On the picture above the design of the course "Systematic Creativity and TRIZ" in preceding Traditional form and Flipped form. The course is an intensive one week everyday classes. Different course elements are divided by colors. Blue refer to more passive lecture , orange refer to active elements, blue to preparation part.  The benefits from design:
  1. Via flipped classroom active time were increased from 28 h to 38 h. 
  2. Lecture time with exercises was partially substituted by videos (4h preparation) and redesigned in 10 h mini lectures each no more than 30 min.
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Example 4: "Analog and digital electronics concepts" course
Bachelor Level (3rd). 12 weeks month course 
Engineering department
Engineering department


  1. Download basic template 

  2. Use templates to fill description of:

  • planned module of the course

  • workshop

  • full course

  3.  Ask question and Discuss the template below

Stage 2. Realisation plan template 1.1